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Why YRA?

Teenagers often face challenges that may have legal remedies.However, teens rarely take legal action and only 1/5 rely on formal systems in place that could help them, such as school grievance procedures. Many teens do nothing. Often times, teenagers and the adults around them are unaware of the Rights and protections available. Sometimes though, even when they know their Rights, they are unsure what to do. Well-intentioned law-makers establish policies that can impact teens’ lives in unexpected ways.The Youth Rights Agency of Western New York, Inc. (YRA WNY) is here to help by educating people about youth rights and advocating for youth in various settings.

YRA relies on financial support from you to ensure we can reach the youth that need our services. THANK YOU for your donation to our 501c3 agency. 

YRA offers numerous volunteer & internship opportunities, based on your strengths and areas of interest. Comprehensive training will be provided. 

To provide legal assistance, education, advocacy, and supportive services to youth enhancing their engagement and leadership skills.

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